What?  No pictures?  Where is your photography ? …you are asking…I know.

Well, let’s just say that I have been learning a lot about websites including the necessity of resizing my photos so that you don’t fall asleep while the page is loading.  In addition, I need to think about safeguarding my precious photos perhaps with a Creative Commons license.  Need I mention the backlog of archiving that I have to do as well?  I hope to include some of my own personal sources of inspiration in photography as well.  In the meantime, do not despair.  Until I get around to posting them here please have a look at:

  1. My Instagram account @instalydia – Here you will find photos primarily taken with my iPhone and representing, cooking, food, cats, and travel.
  2. My Behance itineranti portfolio – Most photos are taken with my digital Nikon D200 although one album was created from my iPhone.  There are only seven albums, six from Qatar and one representing a collection of portraits from around the world.
  3. My WordPress blog itineranti – started in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with the intent of showcasing my photography and picked up again much later in Qatar.

Thank you for your understanding!  As always…stay tuned!