Resurfacing in the UAE

Whatever happened to that burst of enthusiasm and energy that launched this website almost a year ago?  Life!  After spending some time helping out family in the US during a major medical crisis with my mother I shipped off to the UAE to solve another crisis…lack of salary!  Thanks to a morning conference in Dubai this morning with an old friend who dared me to get back on track I am posting once again.  Let’s hope I can heed my son’s advice on the importance of ‘staying consistent’!  “To err is human”.

The northern emirates…Ras Al Khaimah also know as RAK is my new home.  It is blissfully tranquil, very green, and framed by mountains.  Many mornings the fog is so dense that visibility is limited to 2 or 3 car lengths ahead.


Lost in fog

My work takes me down the old coast road to funky Umm Al Quwain, an emirate that seems frozen in time. The road follows the coast and is dotted with billboards.


Faded billboard

Some appear faded and of another era but could be just a stylistic choice.  Others reflect the new influence of the building craze that has hit the area.


Signs of the building craze

As one approaches the town  a series of roundabouts entertain the eye.


Mystery Roundabout

This particular motif puzzles me.  Other designs are crystal clear.


Fish Roundabout

Half my journey is spent on this tranquil coast road before turning off on the main street of UAQ which leads me to the very end of the peninsula.  One-story storefronts line the road on both sides.  My eye scans the perimeter of the road for visual delights such as these pink chairs.


Pink beauties

More mysteries catch my eye such as the abandoned “Happy Land” store front.


(not so) Happy Land

As I near the end of my one hour journey I swing into my favorite little tea stall where I defy local custom by actually parking my car and going in to get my morning ‘karak’ and water (instead of pulling up and honking for the attendant to bring it to me).


Morning pre-work ‘karak’

Other visual delights tempt me to stray from my final destination such as the neighboring men’s hair salon.


Always in style…UAQ

Umm Al Quwain is full of old crumbling villas.  One morning I took a few minutes to get a closer look at one of the old coastal villas.  Much to my dismay I discovered that it was under the wrecking ball!


Vanishing seaside villa

Stay tuned for regular updates!  Who says you can’t overcome crippling perfectionism which usually only results in endless procrastination!  I’m going by the words of another wise friend and colleague “Get it done” or G.I.D.!

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